Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Memories...Traditions

Last year we had Olga with us for Christmas (the whole year just to clarify). It was interesting to share our Christmas traditions with her and learn about hers. Christmas is a little bit different back in Spain. The 3 Wise Men are a little more special or important there. It seems to extend the holiday season which is always wonderful in my book (extending the holiday season that is). I bought Olga a Christmas stocking (which she left behind, I might mail that to her a little late this year maybe to be on time) and filled it with the normal things we do like a couple tangerines, miniature chocolates, small presents perhaps, and a chocolate orange (everyone gets a different flavor to share).

Olga showed a lot of interest in the guitar so we decided to buy her one. She was very excited about it which made us pretty happy (we need to ship it to her at some point). Anyways Olga had a present for me that made me cry (I know it’s really not that hard to make me cry). She had bought a frame and put in several pictures of our time together so far. It was so very special to me. I still haven’t gotten it up yet but I plan on it. She knew my color scheme for downstairs so it’s perfect for when I get my family wall of pictures up.

On a side note (sort of) Olga’s ability to make me cry fit right into my style. I like to make presents for my mom that makes her cry. It means I touched her heart! Thanks Olga for touching my heart and sharing in our traditions and family.

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