Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Moral of the Story is...

Don't chase your husband because you will lose!

Last night I was sitting at the computer with Benjamin on the counter and Jared across from me. Jared was eating some chips that I kept stealing. I think I puffed out some air at Jared and then he reciprocated the action except a chunk of food flew with it. I sat their laughing, disgusted and in disbelief. Jared took his hand and patted my head like he was mashing the food into my hair. I looked at him and said you better run. I got up and we took off running around the island in the kitchen. Benjamin was watching us with great fascination trying to figure out what was going on.

Jared tripped on his pants and fell down and I thought great I will catch him. But then I couldn't stop laughing about him falling so I didn't catch him. We stopped on opposite sides of the counter and looked at each other. I decided to run the other direction into the living room and slid on the carpet with my 3 middle toes going under my foot. It hurt but I kept going. We finally stopped chasing one another and Jared picked out the chunk of potatoes chips from my hair. He said you don't think I would actually smash food into your hair?! I said no but it was fun chasing you. We laughed a lot while chasing each other and it was fun.

My toes however started to hurt more and more. Bruising eventually appeared and it became hard to walk. Before going to bed I noticed some discoloration and climbed into bed and tried to keep my foot away from Jared. This morning I woke up to this...

Looks great huh? You can even see where the nails on the other toes ripped from the skin. So like I said the moral of the story is don't chase your husband because you will lose!

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  1. The price we pay sometimes for having fun! We get carried away and the fun ends in pain! But the fun times was worth it!