Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All Packed Up

Christmas is finally over at my house.
My goal was to have all of Christmas packed up and put away 2 weekends ago but that didn't happen. I got the little tree done and the downstairs but not the upstairs. I worked on it a bit last week with my nephew Jeffrey. He was a pretty good helper overall. I could tell he really liked helping. He has a lot of energy and wants to be a part of things.
So tonight Jared packed up the tree and I took everything else down. Now there's a huge pile of boxes and bins to go up to the attic to be locked away for 10 months at least.
The nice thing about putting Christmas away is it makes me clean and it makes me rethink some decorating of spots.
The living room I must say looks pretty fabulous! We rearranged furniture just a smidgen and it feels more open. I'm going to get rid of my coffee table. It makes the room feel small and it's just another flat surface to accumulate stuff and dust.

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  1. I am right there with you, my Christmas decorations putting away process has been delayed for three weeks now. It will be done this weekend! Or ELSE!!! Although I have loved it every moment it has been up. And my grand babies enjoyed it so very much too!!!