Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not a bad guy

So Jared says I tend to make him sound like a bad guy. Most recently with putting up my ribbon board and him not doing it for me. So I want to set the record straight...he is a great guy. What he tends to do is try to teach me things so I can do it for myself but I am lazy and rather he do it for me. Plus if someone else does it doesn't it always look better?!!!
Today we had a wonderful day of hanging out together looking at baby stuff, getting rid of things, vegging and just being together. It's Jared's birthday present! He is an amazing guy and totally deserves a weekend of relaxing and just hanging out and I am glad I was able to make it happen. Tomorrow is his birthday and it's another relaxing day on the agenda.


  1. Jared is a GREAT guy! It's true! Happy birthday to Jared! I am glad he is getting the relaxing veg-out weekend he wants! He deserves the best!

  2. Happy Birthday Jared! He is the best! Glad you had a relaxing weekend!!!