Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So during the summer or earlier I borrowed some staple guns and made this gorgeous ribbon board. I then had it sit around my house with no where to go. I had ideas for places to put it but just never did it. I was waiting on Jared to put it up. But that never happened (hey he owes me a quilt hanger). Since we moved our desk/office to the downstairs family room I've been thinking the perfect spot for my ribbon board is downstairs. So I asked Jared tonight for help. He brought me the level, hammer and drill. Told me what to do and watched me.

I thought the point of marrying a handyman is so I didn't have to do things like this or learn how to do this kind of stuff. Where did the wires get crossed? Handyman does handy things right?!!!

Anyways here I am putting it up!

I figured out where it was going to go with the template and made sure it was level.

Then I drilled in the holes for the anchors to go into for the screws. Did you know you shouldn't just put screws or nails into the dry wall and expect it to hold?

Then I had to manually screw in the screws.

I had to hammer down all the staples that were sticking out. Using a staple gun is cool but hard. Thanks Sara and Amber for letting me borrow those again! Now you can see the project I did with your help!

It is totally level!!!!

And TA DA!!! My ribbon board. I'm going to add silver push pins at the points and start adding things.


  1. Way to go Emily! Don't you know you can do anything you put your mind to?!!! It looks great!