Saturday, January 23, 2010

Aunt Emily's Beauty Salon

After breakfast today I took Talia and Coral for a bath. After they had some great fun splashing Aunt Emily they got dried off and I blow dried their hair. Talia has hair like Aunt Emily it dries in less than 5 minutes whereas Coral has her mom's hair and it takes a bit to dry.
After we did hair and got dressed we sat in the living room and painted nails. It's a special nail polish that smells. Coral choose Purple which smells like Grapes. Talia choose Orange which smells like Oranges. And I chose Pink and it smells like Raspberries.

The girls are all cleaned up, beautified and ready to go for the day. I really loved spending time with them like this. I got to do this last Saturday too minus the nails.

And while I was playing with the girls Uncle Jared was playing video games with Jeffrey. He felt like a big kid playing Uncle Jared's racing car game.


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  2. Woops, spelling error :( So what I said was: "So much fun! Way to go Uncle Jared! How to make friends with your nephew!!!"