Wednesday, January 27, 2010

something easy, semi-healthy and with chocolate

I've got young women's tonight and I decided to make a treat for my girls. I wanted something easy, semi-healthy and with chocolate. What are the possibilities with that list of criteria?

Popcorn with chocolate drizzled!!!!! Duh!!!

I ran upstairs and popped some popcorn with my air popper. (How many times can you fit the would pop in a sentence?)

Then I laid it out on some tin foil to let it cool.

I melted some chocolate chips (usually I use bark Chocolate but for once I am out). I did this on medium heat in intervals of 30 seconds. I'm trying to be patient and not heat it up too fast. I hate it when it's discolored.

Now since it was chocolate chips it didn't have the same consistency as bark chocolate so I decided to use a Ziploc bag and drizzle it on that way. Which I don't think I'll go back to drizzling with a spoon now. So much nicer, cleaner and easier. :)

After you are done drizzling your chocolate you let it cool and harden. Again chocolate chips harden at a different rate than bark chocolate.

Then you break it up and serve it. It's super yummy and not too unhealthy. There's no butter or oil on the popcorn or salt. And while I was making it thinking about doing a post I thought of some things you could do to jazz it up! You could add marshmallows, peanuts, pretzels...just about anything trail mix type. Now of course this lowers the healthy portion but oh well.
Did this tutorial of sorts help at all?

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  1. Healthy??? Really??? Maybe if you streeeeetch you dietary philosophy. But it is one of my favorite ways to eat popcorn. Did you save some for me??? :)