Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I've got me a routine!!! I've been working from home now for a month and this week I finally decided I need a routine with 2 things at the top of the list. Exercise and practicing the piano! Two things I neglect way too much and I struggle to find time for until now.

I'm getting up after family scripture study instead of going back to bed. I go workout on my Wii for 15-30 minutes, then have breakfast with Jared, send Jared off to work, practice the piano and either go shower or start working. Now granted it's only been two days but it feels good and I am accomplishing a lot by getting going. It's going to be fabulous. Now with the little bit of exercise I've lost .4 lbs...oops...I need to work on eating more fruit and veggies to ensure my little boy is getting all of the nutrients he needs.

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