Friday, January 22, 2010

Auntie Em's Daycare

Ed, Leslie and the kids have been in town this week. :) Yesterday I added Corey and Connor to the mix. So 5 kids with one Auntie Em downstairs eating muffins, taking pictures, watching a movie and playing together.

Corey got up on the desk and instead of telling him no like I should have I decided it was a photo op time. And the greatest part was I said do this and Corey listened to me.
Talia and Coral were fighting over who is next to lay on the desk and get their pictures taken.

Coral was last but still adorable and followed direction well.
I really loved how these turned out and I only posted my 3 favorites. Connor and Jeffrey weren't fighting over their pictures being taken they kissed each other on the cheek until Ed interrupted that and then played other games.

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