Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Ultimate Pickle Ball Points!!!!

Christmas 2009. Every year there is a Christmas Eve party on the Lutz side of the family usually at Jared's parents home.
Connor, Brooks Jr. and Corey all loved playing the piano together. Well maybe not so much together but they had no real choice. It's a popular toy with the kids. Luminaries are popular and are a tradition from New Mexico.
Christmas Morning!! Olga's sister spoiled her pretty good with a lot of cool shoes and clothing items. She got rain boots so now she's prepared for the rain...speaking of which why isn't it raining.
Olga even knows how to make me cry. Olga printed off a few pictures of her time her with us thus far and arranged them in a black frame to match my decor downstairs when I finally put together the family wall. Olga is very athletic. She enjoys swimming but last time her eyes were so red we decided to get her some goggles. Can it be? Did Santa hear my wish? Olga was spoiled with a guitar!
Wow I got a Wii box with dish towels!
Instead of just being on the phone with my mom this year we did a video conference. Olga got to have a tour of my Mom's house in Idaho.
Christmas Afternoon!
Here is Jason casually looking around on Christmas afternoon at his parents house. So we did Christmas morning at our house and then went to Jared's parents house for Christmas afternoon and dinner.
The ultimate pickle ball points!!!! I got brought in on a little secret on Christmas Eve. For my gift exchange gift I got some silly string. Jason immediately pulled me aside and filled me in on a joke. They(Jason, Heather and Jason's Mom) randomly picked a present tag name "Bubble Lights" from the gifts for Christmas day that when it was given out everyone would have silly string and attack that person. Well Bubble Lights was called and the owner was Jacki! We all grabbed our silly string before she could even open her present and attacked her. Connor and Corey both started wailing and freaking out. "Paint on Mommy!" Neither of them understood what was going on and we were all cracking up laughing and spraying Jacki. We had to put a hold on Christmas so we could get the boys calmed down and clean up the mess. Connor and Corey might be traumatized for life about silly string. But oh my goodness it was hilarious!
After presents were all done (after round 2). Everyone was just hanging out mostly doing their own thing. Olga took my camera and started exploring with it and having fun. She got the boys in front of Jared's Mom's new mirror and had fun doing that.
Olga also took pictures of a picture of Jacki and her family.

And she got Connor to have fun with the mirror too.


  1. LOL! I thin you are right, my boys will forever be afraid of silly string. Really cute blog Emily!

  2. What a fun time! I loved the videocam Christmas morning!!! It was almost like having you here!