Friday, January 22, 2010

Email Inbox Management = Personality Traits

Is your email inbox a reflection of your personality?
It very well could be. Is it neat and tidy never over a page full of emails? Do you have a spot to store any important emails? Do you read and delete forwards? Or do you hold onto all your forwards? Do you delete everything? Or do you keep everything you've ever received in your inbox? Do you respond to emails in a prompt manner? Or do you wait and forget about them?
How did you answer? What do you think your email inbox says about you?
Well let's take a crack at myself...this morning in my yahoo inbox (yes I have multiple email addresses and for good reason) I had 1,800+ emails sitting in my inbox. I have 17 folders to store emails and yet there were 1,800+ emails just sitting there. Sometimes I organize emails into their folders as they come in but most of the time I don't because conversations are flying back and forth. Now every once in awhile I come through my inbox and sort things out. I delete emails and put the ones that I feel need to be saved into a folder.
So today I made some serious progress I got it down to 688 emails currently sitting in my inbox. I feel pretty good about the accomplishment. I know I've got a ways to go still but the most important part I feel is I actually deleted forwards. Usually I save them into a folder but several months ago I actually stopped reading them from people and just straight up deleting them. I still have my folder of saved forwards to delete. We shall see how long it takes me to delete them. :)
So what does my inbox management tell you about me? Any thoughts??? I've got a few. :) I try to be organized and sometimes I take great strides to get organized but eventually I get overwhelmed or don't care for awhile and let things pile up. I hold onto things that are not necessary to hold onto. I get attached to things easily. Those are just a few things I noticed.


  1. ha ha! That's interesting. I'd have to agree, since my inbox has less than a page of emails AT ALL TIMES. My organizational OCD shows in my inbox, I guess.

  2. So what does it mean if your inbox has a hundred cat pictures in it?

  3. Like mother like daughter is all I have to say!